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Since vaping is widespread these days, vapers must use their favorite vape device and e-juice in a way that’s considerate to others. One of the benefits of vaping is that when you use it in public, it’s less intrusive. The smell is often pleasant, especially if you are using something from our Bawadi Vape selection, […]

What Is A Good Gift For The Vaper Who Has Everything?

  Giving someone a gift is never natural, although you know everything about them. There are lots of gifts you can provide a vaper to make their life more comfortable and their vaping fun. What is the best gift to give the vaper who already has everything? Luckily, some vape gifts are universally well-received. Even […]

Dear valued customers, In light of the recent precautions and our fight against COVID-19, the UAE government have announced a sanitation program that will start at 20:00 26/03/2020 Thursday that will last until 06:00 05/04/2020 Sunday which will effect all deliveries. We will keep you updated once we have more details. Thank youMore information