Choosing the Right Box Mod only offers the best box mods on the market and we are sure that whatever mod or kit you choose, you will love it. However, with so many devices on the market, the box mod vape experience can really be tailored to your preference. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a box mod:

Power/Wattage: New box mods are becoming more and more powerful. There are some mods that are only designed to reach 85 watts, while others can reach 200 watts or more! If you’re looking for big clouds and huge vapor, choose a box mod with a higher voltage. If a more subtle experience is what you desire, choose a vape box with a lower wattage. Want to know more about power and wattage? Check out our Guide To Sub Ohm Vaping or our suggestions for the Smallest Vape Mods.

Size: Box mods come in different sizes, and if you want maximum power, your vape mod will likely be quite large in size. Smaller box mods might have much less power, but they are discrete and compact. Decide how important of a factor the mod’s size is in your decision and choose accordingly. A good 80w box mod combines both power and compactness and is a popular choice by both new and experienced vapers.

Style: The good thing about having so many vape box mods for sale on the market is that there are many different colors and styles available. No matter what type of vaping personality you have, there are mods out there that will fit your individual tastes.

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