What to do with extra e-juice left in the tank

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Even if you are a regular vaper, you learn that cleaning your tanks, coils, and batteries are what makes the e-liquid taste best. A clean hit must come from a fresh vape, and if you want to get all the delicious flavors of your favorite vape e-juice, then there’s nothing like a clean tank and a fresh or flavor-dedicated coil.

Wvape e-juice dubaie all know better than to add e-juice in an old tank over again (although we do it anyway). Many of us have found out quite an unfortunate result of leaving a full tank of e-liquid on our table or (worse!) in your car for a few weeks until it turns a deep cola color.

All vapers faced with this question? What to do when you finish vaping, and there’s still some juice left in the tank? Dump it out? Or should you try to save it for tomorrow? Is it fine to leave it and put more in the morning? For most people, it’s no big deal, and they dump or vape as they see fit. For others, it is not that easy, Fear not!


Since you love your e-juice, it would be easy just to say vape it! Vaping that little extra e-liquid should be no problem for veteran vapers. A few substantial significant drags is all you need to get that last bit of juice left in the bottom of the tank, and if your tank is designed to handle a low-level vape juice, that’s great! Vape it all before you clean the tank.

But is there is a gurgle! 


If you start to hear that annoying gurgle sound when you’re trying to vape those last few tasty drops, stop. Many vape tanks are designed to soak the from an intake near the bottom of the tank. Unless the intake of your tank is right at the bottom of the tank, you’re going to have little juice to soak the wicks and if the wicks can’t take in new liquid, pulling a vape dries them out. Once the wicks are dry, heating the element can cause them to scorch.

That is why we so often wind up with that annoying tiny amount of e-liquid left at the bottom. So once you hear that gurgle, the following solutions are just for you.


The question is whether or not to throw out the e-liquid. It’s probably still good, and you’d vape it if you can; naturally, you will vape it after you clean the tank, isn’t that right? 

We have a couple of different ways to handle saving e-juice if your coil can’t soak the last bits left in the tank. You can pore back into the original bottle.


One option that vapers can’t agree on is putting the tank-remainder back into the original flavor bottle. Putting e-juice back into its original bottle is more straightforward than you might think. 

The unicorn bottle tips of e-liquid bottles can be removed, usually by pulling to release the tip. This then makes it easy to pour the spare e-liquid in from your tank as long as the liquid in your tank is still fresh.

Some vapers feel that this will contaminate the vape once you start puffing, so this might not be your jam. If not, mosey on to option two.


One way is to have a variety of bottles for each type of flavor so they can be saved from the last of each tank. One bottle for mint, tobacco, fruity flavors, dessert flavors, and sour flavors. You can also choose to mix all your flavors or design unique combination, a cocktail bottle of flavors are a great way to save that last bit of juice in a tank and get the most out of every taste.


One tiny e-liquid bottle can hold the small amount of liquid you want to keep before cleaning your vape tank for the night, and once you are ready to start vaping again with a clean tank, you can start right back without wasting any drop.

A tank-saver container is the perfect solution to that vape tank remainder that your coils can’t reach. 




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